Wake Forest University:
Office of the Registrar
President’s Corridor
University Mail Center
Reynolda Hall
Benson Center Renovations

Hayden Design’s work at WFU has continued with West & Stem and WFU Facilities to renovate numerous spaces on campus. The Office of the Registrar and the President’s Corridor are located in Reynolda Hall. The Registrar’s space was a full renovation, which involved converting the former sheet rock covered vault into a focal point as a central conference space with exposed brick walls.The office space, which is frequently visited by students, was opened with glass walls and a streamlined floor plan. We selected finishes and furniture for this space as well as the President’s Corridor. This 2nd floor corridor had old linoleum floor tiles, dreary wood paneling and poor lighting. The renovation included new carpet, brighter wall tones, and refurbished oak paneling. Custom pendant light fixtures and track lights were selected for the new art gallery within the space.The University Mail Center was relocated from Poteat Hall. The space was designed to handle a high volume of student packages versus letters. The space has no natural light, so it was designed to be bright and visually appealing for all users. In addition, we worked with the Office of Sustainability to design user-friendly and attractive recycling bins and waste receptacles.


Project Architect: West and Stem Architects, PLLC

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