Right-Sizing Offices: Creatively

As space planners, visionaries, and problem-solvers, Hayden Design offers businesses smart options and new possibilities for “Right-Sizing” offices during this economy. We help you creatively re-think your major expenses during this period, which could make the difference in your company’s survival.
 Our Right-Sized solutions for clients include:

  • Practice merger: Two dental practiced combined into a new shared space, expanding customers in the process. This was our first experience seeing how valuable “right-sizing” is in making business flourish in response to difficult economic periods.
  • Office cohabitation: A family medicine practice and a physical therapy practice, function indepedently, but cohabitate in a new office space.  Expanding service offerings and broadening patient bases for both practices was the goal, as well as, cost savings.
  • Reduce footprint: Needing to keep its current space, a large corporate business saved on monthly expenditures through a plan for a reduced footprint.
  • Relocation: By space planning efficiently, businesses may save costs in smaller offices.
  • Share: Two unique businesses share synergy and save energy by sharing space, equipment, and office expenses.

Hayden Design plays an intregal role by providing space planning, reconfigurations, and generally showing clients how they can do more with less ? creatively! Give us a call to find out how “Right-Sizing” can help your business survive and thrive.

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